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Lynn Symansky Equestrian is pleased to be supported by the following companies. LSE would not be able to succeed without the help of these fabulous products. Interested in joining the LSE Sponsorship family? Contact Lynn for more information. 

unnamed1 Properties on the Potomac is a very important supporter of Lynn Symansky Equestrian - spearheaded by Krasi Henkel, PoP is a fabulous real estate agency and should be your number one stop if looking for or selling a house or property in the Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland areas. Visit http://www.propertiesonthepotomac.com/ to learn more. 
SSC Tag Horiz RGB thumb  All horses at Handlen Farm and under the supervision of Lynn are fed Triple Crown and Legends horse feed from Southern States. Lynn has had great success with this line of feed as they make her horses look and perform their best. All of Lynn's feed comes from the Southern States Front Royal Co-op.
triple crown rgb thumb Triple Crown offers a variety of feeds to meet the needs of a variety of horses. Triple crown offers both grain based and beet pulp based textured feeds. For the "easy keeper" or metabolically challenged horse or pony, Triple Crown also offers nutrient dense feeds where you can feed less, but still meet the vitamin and mineral requirements your horse needs. Triple Crown also offers rice bran, rice bran oil, Triple Crown treats and the supplements: fish oil powder and herbal blend. Lynn feeds all of the horses under her care Triple Crown Feeds and they have done wonders for her horses.
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SpectraVET™ Therapeutic Lasers offer reliable, effective and affordable treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions commonly suffered by performance animals and pets alike. Lynn uses SpectraVET lasers on all her horses and especially her upper level mounts.

 CWD Lynn is thrilled to welcome CWD Sellier to Lynn Symansky Equestrian. Their saddles and other leather products are of the highest quality and are incredibly comfortable for both horse and rider. All of the horses have benefitted from the well-fitting saddles that keep them feeling perfect so the can perform at the top of their game. 
Sarm Sarm Hippique is Lynn's clothing of choice for the show ring and schooling at home. They offer a beautiful range of breeches, coats and shirts that guarantee comfort, quality and style. 
SE Logo red banner JPG Med Success Equestrian no-slip saddle pads address a very common problem of saddle slipping and stability while at the same time maintaining a ‘traditional show ring quality’ appearance. The special open cell foam seat insert adds extra stability and shock absorption. The flexible air flow no-slip grip is strategically built into the pad only where it’s needed eliminating unnecessary sweating on the horse’s sides. Best of all, the whole pad is breathable and washes great.
PEN Performance Equine Nutrition's products are made with USP grade compounds. and superior quality ingredients insuring uncompromising quality and purity. Lynn is glad to know PEN has the finest quality therapeutic formulations available in the equine market her horses respond quickly and are able to maintain high levels of fitness and performance thanks to Magrestore and the other supplements.
Logo Reid Group is a Northern Virginia-based construction services company serving the Mid-Atlantic region in diverse and numerous market segments. The company prides itself in undertaking complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference for their clients, employees and community. Services include: Indoor Riding Arenas, Horse Stables, Storage Facilities, Agricultural Buildings, Fencing, Painting/ Staining of fencing and barns, Site Work, Grading, Riding Arenas, Drainage, Septic Systems, Trenching
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"I first used MDC stirrups when I needed to get back to competition quickly after I injured my leg from a fall on cross country. I could not flex my ankle, had very little stability, and needed extra support to be able to balance. I tried several different brands, but the MDCs were miraculous. I could position the stirrup exactly where I needed it, the extra width of the stirrup bar gave me extra support, and the traction was perfect. I will be wearing MDC stirrups from now on, and could have possibly prevented my fall in the first place if I had been wearing them." Lynn 



Walsh Harness & Saddlery has a long and rich heritage of producing peerless products known for their craftsmanship, longevity and ease of use. Founded in 1914 by John Walsh, the company grew to prominence through the years. Lynn is a big fan of the Walsh halters and training aids and is proud for her horses to use them. 

Equiotic EquiOtic™ is the stand alone difference in the crowded direct fed microbial field. The horse's gastrointestinal health is a challenge, easily imbalanced by stress, disease, diet, environment, or training. EquiOtic™ polices the GI tract by regulating the surface bacteria with equine sourced Lactobacillus reuteri that is cultured from the horse for the horse. It has been shown to be effective in killing salmonella and other pathogens while keeping normal gut flora intact.
GuardianHorseBedding Lynn is delighted to use Guardian Horse Bedding in her Florida barn. Guardian carefully selects the raw material and improves the manufacturing process to ensure clean, consistent, long lasting softwood bedding. 


1979578 703660169698242 1223880435 n Custom Equine Fly Bonnets are Lynn's bonnet of choice. Exquisite fly bonnets handmade in Canada with only the highest quality of materials imported from around the world to meet the needs of both rider and mount. Each and every bonnet is completely hand-made to your specifications with great attention to detail.
 pro bu2 Rebound is a potent, super sticky hoof packing, formulated to draw pain, soreness and inflammation out of the hoof. The unique formula adheres directly to the hoof, so you'll never have to wrap again! Rebound will get the sting out after a hard gallop, pulled shoes or a long day's work. It's so easy there's no excuse not to pack your horses hooves again! Lynn is a huge fan of Rebound and uses it often after cross-country on hard ground. 
heritagelogo Heritage Gloves is committed to become the leading brand of equestrian riding gloves in the world. Thanks to Heritage Gloves for their support of Lynn Symansky Equestrian. 
StrongidC 2X 341-3 All of Lynn's horses are on STRONGID®C2X which helps prevent parasite build-up on a daily basis which may lead to better nutrition, health, appearance and performance. Lynn is very thankful for Strongid for keeping her horses at their best. 

Lynn Symansky Equestrian owes a huge thanks to WoW! Graphic Designs for creating symanskyequestrian.com. 

RideSafe Ride Safe is a sports medical ID bracelet that is designed to be worn all day every day by equestrians on or off the farm working with or around horses. In addition, it is also designed to eventually replace the current medical armbands worn in eventing to create an easier and more comfortable medical ID. Lynn feels much safer wearing her Ride Safe bracelet.


Thank you also to our owners and supporters:
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